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Love the Goddess Near You

By 07/28/2016

Only recently has love and admiration from one female to another been focused upon in the mainstream media. It has followed the new trend of ‘loving your body’ and being confident in your own skin. I believe all this to be incredibly important for the continued mental and spiritual health of women all over the world.

From such a young age there are pressures all around us to judge other females and conform to a ‘standard’ of how girls should look and act. If you were like me and slightly strange, it was very difficult to find female friends whom you could trust and admire. More often than not, the inspiration for positive female role models came from fiction. Warriors and queens, rogues and witches filled my mind with strength and gumption. Through these women I shaped how I wanted to be treated by other women and ultimately how I would view my fellow sisters of the moon.

I have to watch myself. Sometimes I find myself getting lost in a Facebook or Instagram stream of gorgeous women and looking down on myself for not emulating what they naturally had. Or even worse, looking at women in public and determining which of my attributes trumped theirs. This is such a dangerous and poisonous practice that I know so many women fall prey to.

Where does this need to judge come from? Has it really been programmed into us from a young age? Or are we inherently built to look at others and compare ourselves with them? I know personally, when I take a moment to examine where the negative thoughts are coming from and why, I have a much easier time silencing them and letting positive energy and thoughts flow through me.

It can be incredibly difficult to shut up that parrot on your shoulder urging you to judge, mock and envy but it is something that is necessary if you want to elevate the incredible goddess’ around you. When you realize that every woman you meet has something magical about her, whether it be a physical attribute or something sparkling about her personality she needs to be celebrated, not berated.

If you find yourself looking down on them or yourself, take a step back and revel in how incredible she is and how wonderful you are by rejoicing in it. If you feel threatened by her, don’t. Everyone can help each other unleash the goddess that has always wanted to be set free.

The next time you hear girls speaking disrespectfully about other girls, say something. Speak from your heart and point out something beautiful that may have been missed. Speak from your soul and let one of your sweet sisters of the moon know that they are a goddess, and deserve to be worshiped.

Do you have a story about a fellow goddess whom you admire that you would like to share?

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