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“Happy to see that Volo Magazine is focused on the art of the human body.”

Teruance Holmes

Teruance Holmes shot this set in his room. He wanted to portray that Kristy is sexually aroused and teasing specific someone by standing nude by the window.Subscribe Today To Expand Galleries

Kristy Jessica

Model Profile

“Hey VOLO Fans,

When I was 5, I dreamed of being an artist when I grew up. My conservative parents said that career choice would not likely pay the bills. Painting, drawing, sculpting, creative writing, and poetry remained hobbies for me, so I dabbled in the W-2 life via the restaurant industry, with that came a heavy emphasis on a partying.

Posing for the camera was offered to me at the ripe young age of 18, which re-birthed my passion for creating and uncaged the sexy beast that had been oppressed for so many years! Over time I built my portfolio and posing skills, and started getting hired for paid work. At age 24, I was knee deep in alcoholism and lost my car, my boyfriend, my tonsils, and my job, (and got a DUI) all during the holiday season! Massive desperation gripped me, and I felt powerless. This turned out to be the perfect storm that snapped me out of my fog, I gave up drinking completely (going on 4 years now!) and started traveling for modeling on a regular basis. The success I have achieved as a freelance model has been such a gift! To give back, I have been reaching out to newer models and offering free advice and mentoring. I started an organization in Seattle to host group photo shoots, teach posing classes, and facilitate workshops. I also published an eBook called ‘Basic Pose and Flow’ and am in the process of producing a documentary about freelance modeling.”

Kristy Jessica

Follow Kristy Jessica on Instagram at @pure_rebel

Teruance Holmes

Photographer Profile

Teruance Holmes is a photographer and License Massage Therapist from Greensboro, North Carolina. Teruance Holmes hasn’t always wanted to become a photographer, he actually wanted to be a graphics artist. Starting at a young age he started with drawing.  Even though his drawing skills were terrible,  he enjoyed doing it just to past time.

He hit a period in his teenage years of becoming depressed and still currently dealing  depression and self-confidence at times. Almost a decade later he met a photographer who worked with females on portfolio building. Seeing how happy the photographer clients loved looking at the results and told himself the he wanted to create that expression. Vocally he enjoy making a woman feel good about herself and choose photography as another way to help me create that self confidence in women.

After finishing up his 8 year enlistment in the United States Air Force, he decided to take his photography career more serious. Currently, he now shoots fashion, beauty, portrait and fine art nude work around North Carolina.

“The human body and how light hits it has always sparked my interest by the art they create together. I hope sometime in the near future that nudity is accepted in the world.  There are so many eye candy men magazines out that focus on the diva side of sex appeal, happy to see that Volo Magazine focus on the art of the human body.”

Teruance Holmes

Follow Teruance Homes on Instagram at @fierce_phoenixx_studios

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