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“This set is part of a project “Black is Beautiful”. Victoria is a supermodel to work with. Very expressive and directly getting the feel of the shoot.”

Bruno Cornil

Nude Model Gallery Preview

This set is part of a project;

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Mabelle Victoire

Model Profile

Mabelle Victoire known as Victoria is a 21 year old African published Fine art and Fashion model who was born in Amsterdam and is based in Belgium. She got into modelling around 16 Years old of age and works international as a freelancer.

She rather calls herself an artist than a model; “Modelling is my way to express myself artistically, to me it is not just about making a picture but about telling a story. For example by using the mood I am in at a certain moment.”

Besides modelling Victoria is into sport activities such as fitness, spinning but also Yoga and Pilates. Her hobbies are traveling, reading and writing poems.

View the amazing showcase of different model’s work at www.volonetwork.com/wall/

Bruno Cornil

Photographer Profile

“I am Bruno Cornil. I grew up between the photo-studio and the dark room. My father was a well known photographer. So I had the perfect master to teach me how to make a good picture.

I was also fascinated by the magic of the dark room.I spent hours helping my father developing the black and white prints. Late seventies I studied Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Ghent.

As a professional photographer for over 30 years I mainly done weddings,portraits and fashion. I love natural light.It’s a real challenge to make it work on a model or in a landscape.Sometimes a reflection screen can come in handy.

If natural light is not an option I get into the studio where I use Bowens flashes(that I got from my father). Last year I did a shoot with Model Victoria for my exhibition »Black is Beautiful ».

Victoria is a wonderful model to work with. The pictures were taken with natural evening light. The exhibition runs from february 2017 at the art gallery Sweets and Cheers(Belgium).”

Bruno Cornil

View an amazing showcase of the artist’s work at www.volonetwork.com/profile/Bruno/

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