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Complete Photo Galleries + BTS Videos from VOLO Magazine Issues

Find all the photo stories featured in the various issues of VOLO Magazine in Gallery/Slideshow format in this area of the VOLO Vault.


VOLO 59 | Sara-Moana in ‘In Tahiti’ by Svphotograph

“Sara-Moana is a French Model born in Tahiti and involved in Polynesian culture. She is a hobbyist model and autodidact photographer. Also, she is a traditional Polynesian dancer, and she did ballets for few years which gives her a presence and an elegance grace.”

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VOLO 58 | ‘Sienna’ by Dhruv Mishra ft. Sienna Hayes

“Sienna is a professional Canadian model originally from Toronto, though she recently immigrated to San Francisco. She loves to make artists’ visions come to life and most enjoys shoots where she can be a collaborative partner in the creative process.”

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Anita Baratta

VOLO 58 | Anitaliselotte Baratta in ‘Back To The Wild’ by Davide Druso

“Anita was born in Rome, Italy on June 10, 1985. She poses for artists and photographers worldwide, she loves nude art photography mostly, because she thinks it’s amazing staring at a female body captured with the camera. She loves her body and posing for nude art photography is the best way to express herself and feel free.”

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