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“I had the idea for this shoot earlier this year but I didn’t find a good location for it. So if there will be a chance to shoot in the Studio Loft in Cologne, I would definitely shoot there. Perfect location and model… that’s the way I can shoot my sensual style.”

Alex Heitz

Nude Model Gallery Preview

Alex Heitz had the idea for this shooting about half an year earlier, but didn´t find a good location for it. Perfect location and model and sensual style.

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Model Profile

The model in this story is a good friend of Alex Heitz. He was able to get to know her as a professional model 1 year ago. The model’s hobby turned from modeling to being a mother.

From then on, she only did few shootings.

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Alex Heitz

Photographer Profile

“My name is Alex Heitz. Living in Gießen/Germany. I was interested in photography a long time before I got my own camera. Starting was difficult, because I didn’t know which genre I really prefer. So I tried nearly all 😀 Finally found the right one.

Now I’m a freelance photographer focused on sensual photography. I started late with photography about 4 years ago. It’s more of a passion to me as a job. I have a studio (Malandro-Photodesign) in Gießen near Frankfurt, but I’m not a real studio photographer.

I love playing with natural light. Seeing how it reflects on bodies. Most of my shootings are in hotelrooms or lofts. There I can shoot my stories. This is what I want to. Telling stories and involve the viewer with this feelings and moods.”

Alex Heitz

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