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“I met Martina in Bologna. She lives near Milan and she came by train to visit me after a few conversations in chat. We didn’t have a specific project to work on. We simply decided to meet and take some photos together.
I think this series is very intense and erotic. We shot in my place and I and Martina have had immediately a good feeling and the series shows it. I love this series.”

Davide Ambroggio

Nude Model Gallery Preview

They think this series is very intense. Davide Ambroggio and Martina Martone have had immediately a good feeling and the series shows it.

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Martina Martone

Model Profile

“Hi, I am Martina and I am 21 Years old. I am Italo-Nigerian. I started posing nearly two years ago and, as photography has day by day taken more and more space in my life, I think that such a great passion needs to be lived by all aspects. Beyond posing I study “International Relations” at the University of Milan. If you’re willing to ask me what I would like to be in the future I am still not sure about that, but I am definitely going to carry on my passion toward photography since some satisfactions have come so far.

My favorite kinds are glamour and nude art. I think that a naked body can be considered as really elegant and sensual at the same time, without being seen as vulgar and uncomfortable.

My daily life is mostly occupied by university lessons, studying, and photo shoots. Of course it’s not always easy to do everything. In fact it happens really often to be away on business trips, but the nicest thing is that, thank to this, I am able to visit new places, discover new locations and to have the possibility to do what I like the most. I also believe that empathy between photographer and model is a crucial and key element in order to realize good pictures.”

Martina Martone

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Davide Ambroggio

Photographer Profile

Davide Ambroggio was born in Treviso (a small city near Venice) in 1977.

He studied Cinema in Bologna where he works and lives. Professional photographer since 2005 he’s specialized in fashion and portraits. Since 2012, he’s represented in Italy by Allure Models Agency. He also collaborate with the major advertising agencies of Bologna.

His editorials are published all over the world in magazines like Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, Bambi Magazine. Davide actively collaborates with GQ Italia on their erotic photography section.

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