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“I first shot with Melissa Jean several years ago. She usually passes through Sedona about twice a year. She and I have shot together enough times by now, having known each other for several years, that shoots are always relaxed and fun.
This shoot was a nice sunny afternoon and we hiked out to the normal location, a local rock formation. Being a nice day, we were lucky to avoid other people out enjoying nature, including a mountain biker who ride through just about twenty feet from where we were shooting.”

Andrew Johnson

Nude Model Gallery Preview

This shoot was a nice sunny afternoon and both Andrew Johnson and Melissa Jean hiked out to the normal location, a local rock formation.

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Melissa Jean

Model Profile

Melissa Jean is an experienced model who has been modeling since 2004. She has been featured on two Playboy covers as well as previous issues of VOLO.

She is based out of New York City, but she is also an avid traveler having visited nearly every state in the US, in addition to having shot in the US, she has been to the UK, Germany, Italy, and Canada.

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Andrew Johnson

Photographer Profile

“I was born in Pennsylvania and now resides in Arizona. I am a self-taught photographer, has been shooting since childhood.

I started out shooting landscapes, and around 2001 started shooting nudes and haven’t looked back. Over the years I have managed to shoot with numerous models and created some unique images.

Inspiration for my photographer comes from the classical works of renaissance paintings, with a strong sense of light and color. In addition to shooting nudes, I also shoot infrared photography and often I combine the two.”

Andrew Johnson

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