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“One being his willingness to try crazy ideas and never fail to pull it off.”

Shaun Tia

Shaun Tia with her favorite model Jen Republic incredibly shot this editorial with two of her favorite things- milk and the one and only Jen.

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Jen Republic

Model Profile

Model Jen Republic is based out of Phoenix Arizona but she started her modeling career in 2006 in the Pacific Northwest. She has traveled nationally and has made modeling her full time passion. Jen has been featured in countless magazines and television commercials and she models a wide variety of styles.

She has been hired as a modeling coach because of her experience and comfort in front of the camera. Unlike many models, Jen excels in multiple styles of modeling and has been known by photographers to be exceptionally versatile. She will launching an online beauty vlog – stay tuned!

Shaun Tia

Photographer Profile

SHAUShantia (Shaun Tia) is a professional traveling model and photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. She is a natural redhead, pale and freckled with a passion for art and learning. She started modeling five years ago while attending Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale. Despite the a chorus of voices telling her she could not be a model, that she was not right for one reason or another, Shaun Tia relentlessly pursued her passion to become one of the most prolific creative talents. Her expressiveness along with her unique charisma is attracting an ever growing audience of art lovers and fans.

Many of them who are discovering nude art modeling as an art form for the very first time. She has expanded her love of modeling into her photography as well as video and her own photo book that features artists from all over the world.

Her photography is an exploration of natural light, color and sensuality. You’ll see textures such as lace, crocheted tops, sweaters and socks paired with the rim light off an incredible woman’s dimples of Venus. Shaun Tia aims to capture more than just a beautiful, sexy woman, but also emotions mixed with a bit of voyeurism.


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