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“Mirabella and I planned this shoot for some time. We wanted to catch the Atmosphere in the Hotel and do also some hot shots outdoors also. So we used my Cabrio as an accessoire on some pictures.”

Tom Fensterseifer

Mirabella and Tom Fensterseifer planned this shoot for some time. They wanted to catch the Atmosphere in the Hotel and do also some hot shots outdoors also.
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Mirabella Consuela

Model Profile

“My name is Mirabella Consuela from Germany. I am 27 years old and have been working as a model for the last 6 years.

I am very multi-facetted, I mean i shoot in different areas. I have experience as Eroticmodel, Fashionmodel, Fitnessmodel and Tattoomodel. I also participated in different small roles in TV.

What I offer: I am a very good poser, reliable, expressive, creative, and with me you always have fun at Shooting ;-)”

Mirabella Consuela

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Tom Fensterseifer

Photographer Profile

“My name is Tom, based in Munich and 52 years old now.

My history is not as interesting , for example like , when I started taking pictures . What matters to me is the level where I am now , and where my journey will go to.

If you want to be a part of the trip you should accept my style fully and completely identifying with it if you’re applying on a job. Because i like to provocate the Viewer.”

Tom Fensterseifer

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