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Miriam Franco, a young photographer from Madrid captivates VOLO editors

By 09/05/2016

It’s September 2016 and we have discovered Miriam Franco.

VOLO Magazine receives an army of submissions every month from all over the world. About 50% make the cut to visit our editors desk to be either selected for a Magazine editorial, A VOLO Collection showcase or just constructive feedback from our editors back to the photographers. But sometimes there are submissions that just get pushed ahead of the line and showcased on the VOLO Collections almost immediately. Such was the reaction of our editorial team when they came across the photoshoot titled ‘Body of Flour‘ by Miriam Franco, a photographer from Madrid, Spain.

There is a point in most serious photographers life when they reach that turn where their next project ascends to a level which can truly be called ‘world class’. With ‘Body of Flour’ Miriam Franco has achieved that level in every department of the fine art photography category we call: ‘In studio – Artificial Light – Figure Nudes’.

Miram Franco Perez for VOLO Magazine InterviewHello Miriam, we are really impressed by everything about this photoshoot, the lighting, the moments you have captured and the overall feel of the images. We believe upcoming young photographers like you with incredible potential need to be highlighted and we would like to know a lot more about you, your life and your photographic passions.
VOLO: To start with tells us a little about your upbringing, and how and when did you start getting interested in photography?
Miriam: I was born in Madrid. I’m the youngest of five brothers and sisters. Since my childhood I was an alert and a curious girl, who actually always loved photography and since I was very little I haven’t stopped picturing frames in my head.
VOLO:Did you ever model for the camera? Have you had the experience of being nude in front of the camera also?
Miriam: Yes, on my 40th birthday I gifted myself with a photo shoot! I would love to show you something nice but I´m definitely not good at posing in front of the camera. LOL 🙂
VOLO: How did you get started with professional photography? When and what was your first shoot?
Miriam: I lost my job as an accountant (I was bored and unhappy) and I decided to give this difficult world of photography, my passion, a real shot. My first photography work was at photography school five years ago.
VOLO: On your Instagram account it says that you have your own studio. Where is it located and can other photographers rent it out? If yes give us the details for our audience.
Miriam: Yes, I have a studio in Madrid’s city centre. It is pretty great and it can be rented out by hours. You can check it out on www.poseartstudio.es.

VOLO: Lets talk about ‘Body of Flour’ , when did you get the idea for this shoot? Were you inspired by anyone?

Body of Flour, Editorial by Madrid Photographer, Miriam Franco for VOLO Collection

View The Complete Editorial in the VOLO COLLECTION at http://VOLO.GALLERY

Miriam: I thought about it thanks to a personal portrait´s project of a friend of mine. He used a different texture for every portrait and when he used flour, I immediately pictured a naked body in movement painting it with flour…
VOLO: How many lights did you use for the shoot? How did you manage to get such a dark black background?
Miriam: I only used two lights, one main frontal and another rear against. I managed to get that dark background because we were in a 600 square meter diaphanous space in my studio.
VOLO: How did you manage to capture the exact moments when the flour was in the air in Circular arcs around the model. Did you shoot many shots at a high speed or you just knew WHEN to CLICK!?
Miriam: I just knew when to click, I shot on the count of three, in a single click per photo, and you know more or less when to click to get the perfect snapshot.
VOLO: Have you and Marta worked together a lot before this shoot? We would love to see your other work too…
Miriam: We have worked together many times and I love it. She is a very involved model who always suplies ideas and material to the sessions. I am sending a few more images of her to include for this interview.
VOLO: Tell us more about the range of photography Miriam Franco is available for and what parts of the world you shoot in?
Miriam: I do a vast range of photography but what motivates me the most is artistic nude and lyric photography ( the one which tells stories). I would love to shoot anywhere and everywhere in the world, it would a dream but I am always available for shoots in an around Madrid and other parts of Spain.
Miriam, thank you very much for talking to VOLO.
We are going to be looking out for more great pieces of art from Miriam Franco and we are sure the VOLO world will love and embrace her work.
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