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Since the beginning of my photography career I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with dancers from multiple disciplines. They have captivated my vision of photography and aesthetic criteria that over the years has been evolving towards these nude art series that today I share with you.

I think that in spite of the general perspective that has of my country, the Mexicans we can contribute great images to VOLO magazine and the nude art world.”
Eduardo Hernandez

Nude Model Gallery Preview

Eduardo Hernandez can contribute great images to VOLO magazine and the nude art world. This was shot with Miriam Reyes with fine colors.

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Miriam Reyes

Model Profile

Miriam Reyes, usually known as “Elaa”, is a Mexican professional contemporary dancer. She’s working at a dance company called Signos Vitales and studies at the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes. Elaa started dancing professionally since 2014 and has participated in dance festivals in Mexico and Cuba.

Elaa loves art, she is focused in ballet and contemporary dance, but she also likes architecture, she considers herself as a passionate reader of Neil Gayman’s books and enjoys traveling around the world.

In 2015, she entered modeling with Javier Campuzano Photography. At first, she was asked to work for dancing shots only, but then, she met Eduardo Hernández, a Mexican photographer, the one who introduced her to nude art photography. They are still working together taking part of lots of photography projects.

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Eduardo Hernandez

Photographer Profile

Eduardo Hernandez is a portrait photographer located in Mexico City with training and artistic concerns from an early age. An enthusiast of light, color theory and visual expression through the emotions of feminine beauty.

His visual influences range from Russian fine art photographers to multiple progressive rock bands who work together with visual artists such as Steven Wilson and Lasse Hoile as well as film directors and writers of different genres.

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