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“Hungry for a new, good picture every time.”

Marcin Biedron

Marcin Biedron had an intimate atmosphere at home with Magda Winiarek during her photo checking. Marcin Biedron says VOLO means nudity with taste.

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Magda Winiarek

Model Profile

Model Magda Winiarek has a few years experience. Hungry of new good picture every time.

She is interested in fashion, travel and cooking. Loves to eat, sleep and spending time with beloved people. Hates rabble and envy.

Follow Magda Winiarek on Instagram at @magdawiniarek



Marcin Biedron

Photographer Profile

Marcin Biedron was born in 1974 in Gdynia. He started photography in 2002 in Frankfurt. He feels best in commercial and lifestyle photography. Marcin loves to work with creative people and believes in the strength of a solid team, but not running away from fresh blood. He is the owner of the photo agency A12 Team Photography & Production.

He looks for inspiration in biographic movies and different music. He used to talk with a model long time before shooting to know her/him better and get this “real face” from them on pictures. He is not a typical photographer artist. He believes that business and maintaining the company are important parts of photographers’ work.

View an amazing showcase of this artist’s work at www.volodaily.com/profile/marcinbiedron

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