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“We wanted an everyday type of feel to resonate in these photos. For example, the fresh out the shower, drying towel, a little smoking break before starting the day. It was a morning shoot with the soft natural light coming through from the window giving us that certain misty feel we were hoping for.”


Dalure wanted everyday type of feel to resonate in these photos with Daisy Carlene. They were necessarily aiming for much except more just vibes for VOLO.

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Daisy Carlene

Model Profile

Daisy Carlene is an inspiring model based out Los Angeles, has always had a passion for modeling. From practicing in front of the mirror as young as 7 years old, to religiously watching the first seasons of Americas Next Top Model, to finally pursuing something she thought was bigger than her.

In just over a year she’s received love and support from multiple magazines, and heavy followed photographers through social media. The message Daisy Carlene wants to portray through her photos is remaining body positive even as culture and society changes, understanding that self esteem and love for yourself should always come first.

Visit Daisy Carlene’s website at www.DaisyCarlene.com


Photographer Profile

Dalure is a profound photographer out of California. His exploration of producing unique photos began as early as 2008. The photo influence began as early as birth, with his whole family being heavily photography inclined, there was always film, frames, and pictures from famous photographers around the house.

Finding that the passion, energy, and creativity were something that sparked an interest, he began to pursuit photography.
Dalure’s photos are characterized by his emotions. He is an artists that wants to make photos that changes people’s perspectives.

Follow Dalure on Instagram at @Dalure

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