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“I’ve presented a beautiful woman, from a variety of angles, moving lightly through this landscape. Images are nude, unconstrained and lit to showcase form and sensual connection – natural nude female art.”

Colin Brown

Colin Brown has presented a beautiful woman, from a variety of angles, moving lightly through this landscape in Australia.
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Anne Duffy

Model Profile

Anne started her career, modelling art nude, working with local artists and photographers. She expanded her horizons and over the past 17 years has collaborated, as creative muse, with many prestigious artists and photographers, around the globe.

While loving the world of travel, she always returns to her home country, Australia. “I’m in awe of this country with its glorious scenery and vast beauty. The environment is so varied across the continent and it has so much to offer aesthetically and energetically. The world Is such a beautiful and inspiring place, it’s difficult to sit still when there is so much out there to create and discover.”

In addition to modelling, Anne’s passion for art extends to illustration, photography and other creative endeavors which she hopes to focus on more, in the future. “I got distracted by modelling but with it found passion and interest enough to satisfy my creative desire. I hope to put more time and energy into my other artistic ventures soon. Maybe, I’ll even incorporate them into my modelling, somehow.”

Anne Duffy

Follow her on Instagram at @anneduffy_model

Colin Brown

Photographer Profile

“I grew up with photographs. Childhood included regular batches of my father’s photos and stories of sailing and working around the Great Barrier Reef. Then there were albums of his navy years with Korean war service, Japan during post war occupation and China in the late 1940’s; as well as, my mother’s pictures from hitch-hiking around New Zealand in the 1950’s. There were historical family photos of pioneers, farming, working in the bush, first and second world war and distant ancestors in the United Kingdom.
For some years, I traveled about Australia by motorcycle with a camera, to hand, in a bag on the fuel tank. I studied engineering and applied science in computing and photography slipped to one side while I worked in private enterprise and government. Then, living in the bush up in the Great Dividing Range, through a long severe drought, I discovered digital cameras and rediscovered photography. Through that same period, I was volunteering with the local Rural Fire Service and, where practical, had a small camera in my pocket. I eventually found my vocation in photography through an interest in visual stories and study of photojournalism.

Now-a-days, though, I’m aware of and interested in special moments of profound and mysterious beauty. The Japanese have a word for this: Yūgen, an emotional experience too deep and powerful for words. For me, at present, this is the natural world but with human presence treading gently. So, I’m working on simple, natural, subtle, free/unbounded images of our big, awe inspiring world, focusing on human form and light while also looking for a sense of my model’s inner beauty, his or her energy, emotion, strength, vulnerability… Ambitious? Heck yeah but it’s stories, a journey and a path along which I could wander for the rest of my life. Hope that what I’m doing speaks to you too – enjoy.”

Colin Brown

Follow him on Instagram at @colinbrownphotographer
Website: www.colinbrownphotographer.com.au

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