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“A retro style portrait series of Natasha Legeyda, celebrating this young woman’s relaxed attitude to nudity and her own body, her natural soft feminism, bold beauty and sensual expression.

Inspired by the first erotic film about Emmanuelle from 1974, showing a young woman’s sexual exploration a in totally new and controversial way, seen by 300 million people worldwide and released on the very day that I was born. The set took place at my studio in Catania Sicily, Italy.”

Ami Elsius

Nude Model Gallery Preview

A retro style portrait series of Natasha Legeyda, celebrating this young woman’s relaxed attitude to nudity and her own body, her natural soft feminism.

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Natasha Legeyda

Model Profile

Natasha Legeyda born in Russia in 1994, has lived in Italy since many years and travel the world for a living. She has worked full time as a model for the last 2-3 years and has featured in magazines like: Playboy, Tatto Erotica, Panorama, T3, Fluffer, Treats, Abnormal, Yume, Nif, Muse, YAF, Sateity Paper, The SSFW, Art About.

The interest in Natasha just grows stronger and stronger and she’s frequently being interviewed for both magazines and radio. Natasha has had an intense life so far and comes across as more mature than her young years. She is dedicated to helping homeless people, especially over the holidays and want to encourage others to do the same. Natasha is just getting in to the world of the moving picture and we are waiting with excitement and optimism to see what this gorgeous talent will bring.

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Ami Elsius

Photographer Profile

Ami Elsius has a thirst for life, a lifelong passion for photography and a deep rooted love for beauty. Born in Sweden she’s lived on four different continents and is now based in Gothenburg Sweden and Catania Sicily, Italy.

An artistic soul, an adventurous spirit and an open heart, Ami has been called a mix of Indiana Jones and Buddha, despite her femininity. Her photos might look posed and graphic, but always with a hint of interesting meetings, depth and full-blown adventures.

Loving beauty in all it’s forms, places, states and wonders, no matter who, what or where Ami is photographing she is set out to capture the innate beauty in its most pure and flattering expression. Even though Ami is very broad as a photographer, no matter wether she’s shooting fashion, advertising, portraiture or destinations, her fine art style, genuine connection to the subject and mastery of light shines through.

Nude photography is nothing new to Ami, she started taking nude photos of her best friend when they were only 14, photos she developed herself in her own darkroom. Ami has held many praised, in-depth and totally unique nude photography workshops both live and on webinars, and is passionate about creating a healthy relation to nudity and nude photography in the world.

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