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“When I’m not nude modeling or studying, you can likely find me in the woods with my two lovely dogs.”

Nicolette S

Franz Sauer shoots Nicolette S. for VOLO Magazine while having a 'Hot Bath'.

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Nicolette S.

Model Profile

Hi VOLO People, my name is Nicolette!

I’m a 27 year old experienced model based and born in Linz/ Austria. I have 2 years modelling experience in various styles and have been working in many different countries with professional photographers. I love inspiring artists and creating imagery which evokes emotion within the viewer.
Ever since I began this lifestyle, I can tell you that I have had the most exciting and challenging adventures. For me modeling opened up a world of freedom, creativity and expression. I’m very proud of myself and all the progress I have made. I am confident in the progression that I am making and am excited to see what the modeling world has to bring me in the years to come.

What you guys may not know about me, is that I am also studying as an teacher for primary school. When I not nude modeling or studying, you can likely find me in the woods with my two lovely dogs!

Hope you all enjoy the set.

-Nicolette S.

Nicolette S. Facebook Page

Franz Sauer

Photographer Profile

Dear Volo reader,

I am Franz Sauer, grew up in Styria, the green heart of Austria. I’m living and working in Vienna since 1982. My first experience in serious people photography and nude art was in 1985. After a long pause from 1990 to 2006, I found back to my real passion: the photography with the focus on nude art, primary nudes in nature. My purpose is to make the models become one with nature in a very sensitive way.

In 2008 I won the “Gold Medal in the nude category“ from the famous Trierenberger Super Circuit. In 2011 I could win again a Gold Medal in the category “Austria at it’s Best”. The Trierenberger Super Circuit has established itself as an international graduator of perfect photography.

I‘m interested in photography since the age of 6 when I inherited an old camera from my grandfather who was also a passionate photographer. It seems that I also inherited his passion for photography.

My primary passion is outdoor work, all around the year, just with available light. Therefore almost 80% of my work falls in this category. But for VOLO I want show that I also love to work indoor, especially when I had access to interesting locations like in this case. –“Franz Sauer”



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