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“Focus on enjoying the journey rather than getting hung up on trying to figure out the destination.”

Vinny Kim

Vinny Kim shot this set in all natural light and brings a "Vinny" perspective to bodyscapes. He shot these when VOLO announced an upcoming bodyscape issue.
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Nova Amour

Model Profile

“Hi everyone! I am Nova Amour, a model based in Tampa, Florida. I travel once a month to wherever my heart fancies, and make beautiful art with people from all over the world. I got into this business first by creating self portraits, and through that journey became very self aware of my body and how it moves, which has come in handy when posing for others.
When I am not modeling, I enjoy cooking and admiring cats from afar. If it has to do with cats, I love it. Really that’s all there is to me. Cats and food.”

Nova Amour

Follow Nova on Instagram at @nova_amour
Website: www.novaamour.com

Vinny Kim

Photographer Profile


“I am Vinny Kim, a 34 year old fine art photographer, based in central PA, USA. I was a freelance model for 4 years before making the transition to the other side of the lens. After retiring from modeling (to stay home and raise my son), I missed the creative process so much that I decided to try photography. My friend and mentor, Scott Pierson (Magicc Imagery) loaned me a camera to learn on and after a few weeks, I decided to switch to full manual mode and “sink or swim”. I was hooked!

I have been very fortunate to work with model friends (either locally or traveling through the area) to hone my skills, and have learned a lot from my fellow photographers as well. My motto for life (which certainly applies to my photography) is “Focus on enjoying the journey rather than getting hung up on trying to figure out the destination.” Although I generally take pictures digitally, I appreciate and recognize the need for more truth in photography, particularly as it relates to model photography. My style (which is always evolving) tends to lean toward the emotional, moody, & erotic rendering of fine art. When I’m not photographing model friends, I am practicing on landscapes, nature, and my son (who is 2 yrs. old).

I appreciate the opportunity VOLO has given me to share my passion and pictures with a global audience and look forward to our continued relationship!”

Vinny Kim

Follow Vinny on Instagram at @vkimphoto

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