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“The model is a girl from my city, a top class exit from nowhere, and entered my photographic life like a lightning strike … It is my first photo set of naked after a long time I believe that she is one of the few models that can freely interpret without taboo my own concept of photography, delicate and provocative at the same time, a style that I think may be interesting for a magazine like VOLO magazine.”

Alessandro Caramagna

Nude Model Gallery Preview

It is my first photo set of naked after a long time I believe that Numa is one of the few models that can freely interpret without taboo my own concept.

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Model Profile

Follow her on Instagram @numa.inkmodel

View the amazing showcase of different model’s work at  www.volonetwork.com/wall

Alessandro Caramagnay

Photographer Profile

“I grew up as an artist, painter, and comic book designer in 2007 for several reasons I decided for a drastic change of career, still remain in visual arts, carrying all the knowledge and compositional experience of impact, and the sensuality they characterize my previous work, in the world of photographic representation.

Being a fan of dark and rock music and glam rock, I decided to focus my creativity on single significant images, each of my photography has a key point of reading and attention, which directs the reader’s eye to the “point” point “of the whole picture. So my way of transposing my ideas into black and white noir is often borne out by my photographic sets.

The first signature of my photos was the DevilInside Studio logo, in the last year decided to give a more meaningful task to my photographic world, leaving the old name (which has accompanied me for about ten years) to go to the name of a mysterious but much more significant for my artistic journey, IONONESISTO.

In the course of my career I realized advertising campaigns for jewelry (Garavelli, De Lazzari etc), I collaborated with numerous music bands making shooting directed to the media and their advertising, whether they were CDs, billboards or sites, artist Gabry Ponte for which I realized the service of his site and some CDs at the end of the first decade of 2000.

I collaborated and published for numerous printed and online magazines, including Panorama (Mondadori Group), Top, Vip, Chi, Novella2000 and many more. I am currently working for the monthly Elaborare magazine, outbound in all Italian newsstands.”

Alessandro Caramagna

Follow him on Instagram @alessandrocaramagna

View an amazing showcase of this artist’s work at www.volonetwork.com/wall/




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