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outdoor nude

outdoor nude


VOLO 59 | Sara-Moana in ‘In Tahiti’ by Svphotograph

“Sara-Moana is a French Model born in Tahiti and involved in Polynesian culture. She is a hobbyist model and autodidact photographer. Also, she is a traditional Polynesian dancer, and she did ballets for few years which gives her a presence and an elegance grace.”

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Kristy Jessica

‘Rebel without a Stitch’ by Rakesh Malik ft. Kristy Jessica

“When I was 5, I dreamed of being an artist when I grew up. My conservative parents said that career choice would not likely pay the bills. Painting, drawing, sculpting, creative writing, and poetry remained hobbies for me. From age 16-24 I dabbled in the W-2 life via the restaurant industry, with that came a heavy emphasis on a partying.”

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Vanessa Lai

Vanessa Lai in ‘Shoreline’ by Vince Hemingson

“I’ve always been interested in modeling and photography. I love being creative and modeling allows me to explore many different characters, ideas, and concepts. I love the idea of being able to transform myself. I try not to limit myself to shoots that only make me look pretty. I love pushing the envelope!”

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Nicholas Vettorel

‘Keira in Nature’ by Nicholas Vettorel ft. Keira Grant

“Hi, I’m Keira Grant! Artist, model, woman. Frequently found nude, at the gym or with a paintbrush or camera in hand. For over 6 years I lived on the road with no home, perpetually traveling to work with photographers around the globe after finishing a master’s degree in music.”

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