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VOLO Magazine 33

By 01/15/2016

Happy New Year VOLOnians,

I am going to adopt Sacha Leyendeckers endearing terminology for VOLO readers and fans for a moment and call you VOLOnians, the inhabitants of the world of VOLO.

I want to start with a request for you all. We need your feedback on the brand new VOLODaily.com. We spent a lot of sleepless nights on this architecture which now supports ‘Single Sign-on’, ‘Premium Content’ and introduces the all new VOLOLIVE.TV. Have you been watching? Send me your feedback and critique, we are very close to getting this right, but I am sure there are pieces you will find that will help us perfect the new platform.

Let’s talk about issue 33. For 2016 we have decided to return to THEMED issues. That means every issue will be a collection of layouts of a particular type of photography/models. We start with something which is 360degrees opposite to our Dec 2015 issue, presenting the GLAM-ART 2016 issue. All the photosets in this issue are shot in the format of GLAMOUR photography (though not quite like the jaded glamour photography you find elsewhere). We would love your feedback on the issue and the concept of themes.

Also coming soon will be our collectors editions issues from 2015, the BEST OF issues are the ones you must buy in print and collect forever.

Please write back to me as your feedback is what makes VOLO great!


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