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VOLO Magazine 34

By 02/15/2016

Happy Valentines Day VOLOnians,

Hope you all had crazy sexy Valentine celebrations and are feeling suitably light in your back pocket after proving your love for your significant other with a sizable donation to a fashion or jewelry store 😉

Now that is out of the way, I hope the smart ones among you who did not have a VOLO all-access subscription, took advantage of our Valentines day sale and got all-access… Because it’s going to be the best VOLO investment you have ever made. With this issue we are also introducing the VOLO Marketplace. Now VOLO artists can sell digital and print versions of their ART on VOLODaily.com. If you have been waiting to buy that one (or two…or three) VOLO images that you wanted to frame up on your bedroom wall, you can now do so. We will be releasing new PRINTS every week.

Let’s talk about the issue… Ohh!! How hot is our cover model? I think if you pour water on her, it will turn into steam instantly. Yep that hot! and what you see in the magazine is only a small glimpse of her hotness as Joel has promised to put up a digital set of her images which is supposed to blow our brains away.

EVERY set in this issue is smoking hot, to the point that I had quite a difficult time justifying the inclusion of some images in the magazine, because you know… VOLO is pure art!! We push the edges, but we are the worlds #1 art magazine and we will never go over to the dark side.

So in this issue we take on the hard hard job of portraying some intensely erotic situations in the most artistic manner… Did we succeed? Maybe. Did we fail? I am sure there will be people who will think we did… But one thing is certain, we will listen to you and keep on trying. And we will keep on experimenting and pushing the edges.

I am sure you guys don’t expect anything less.

Thanks for being a VOLOnian.


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