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VOLO Magazine 38

By 06/14/2016

Welcome to VOLO 38 VOLOnians, this is our annual inked models issues where we bring you the inked art models who have caught the VOLO eye, in one collection to beat all others.

If you love tattoos and models with tattoos this issue is made for you. If you are on the other side of the border and feel that inked models are not mainstream, then flipping through the pages of this issues may change your mind. We have collected a very diverse set of editorials for this issue ranging from pure artistic to pure glamour while still statying within the VOLO aesthetic.

If you like Tattoo magazines then do order this issue in print. It will be a great book to collect for your bookcase. The cover is shot by my dear friend and the worlds leading Tattoo photographer Keith Selle and it features his lady love Shannon Sumner first time in a nude pictorial. Keith joins the elite company of those artists who have bestowed VOLO with the ultimate gift of showcasing their beloved, portrayed proudly as a VOLO goddess.

Enjoy the issue and don’t forget to stay VOLO.

Till next time,

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