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VOLO Magazine 39

By 07/16/2016

Welcome to VOLO 39.

As you may have already noticed, we are rolling out a new layout for the magazine in this issue, and also going away from ‘themed’ issues for a little bit.

The new design is more contemporary and modern as well as more functionally capable in showcasing each artists work within a ‘mood’ framework that it deserves.

As we attract more and more incredible artists in VOLO, we want to make sure we provide them with a showcase that is the BEST IN THE WORLD… But we are not ready to compromise on our ‘Inclusivity’. VOLO has always welcomed artists from all over the world with varying levels of skill to its pages and website. The new design ensures that we can continue doing that, while subtly structuring the magazing based on level of refinement of the artists work.

We are about to start on projects that will lead to the VOLO Network and the VOLO Workshop series. We will be enlisting the best photographers among us to create personalized photography classes for the upcoming photographers aimed to elevate their work to the levels of the greats.

This issue is simply one of the best we have every produced and surely is an issue that you should also order in Coffee Table Print editions to cherish forever in your shelves.

Please do check out the brand new VOLO ARCHIVES on VOLODAILY.COM which will be releasing brand new work from VOLO artists on a bi-weekly basis.

Enjoy the issue and don’t forget to stay VOLO.

Till next time,

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