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VOLO Magazine 41

By 09/15/2016

It was a sexy summer! And as it Fades into Fall we wanted to bring you some of the hottest glimpses that Summer 2016 bestowed on the VOLO world.

To start with I would like to congratulate Peter Marosi on his much deserved win in the hotly contested VOLO Photography Awards for Summer 2016. Peter who is no stranger to VOLO created a relaxed and simple photoset for the contest which featured his muse (and wife) Barbara… And it was just Perfect. Our fans thought so, when they voted it into the top 5, and we were sure of it when we picked the winner. Moving on this issue. Summer is hot, so please don’t be offended if we did push the boundaries of ‘traditional’ nude art photography a bit in this issue. VOLO has a very specific aesthetic and we have mastered the subtle lines where erotica meets art. Some of the sets in this issue do fall in that category, specially the one by Alexander Prischepov of Russia which truly showcases the raw beauty and naughtiness that is intrinsicly VOLO.

Our cover set is shot by first time VOLO photographer Cassandra Keyes. Cassandra teams up with the sheer perfection of cover model Ashleigh Macauliffe to create a dreamy set in sultry Bali. There are 16 VOLO goddesses featured in 9 photo stories in this is- sue… So stop reading and go look 🙂

Till next time,

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