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VOLO Magazine 47

By 03/16/2017


And itโ€™s time to get inspired by some gorgeous booty!

Hey Everyone, How are you all doing this Spring? You know that Spring is also mating season for almost all mammals living on our planet, except of course us humans.

Why is it so? Why do humans mate all the time and in all seasons… Well actually the question should be why donโ€™t other animals mate all the time? Specially in Winter… Like what better is there to do ? LOL.

I am getting distracted, lets talk about the issue. Itโ€™s spring and itโ€™s time to roam free and feel the love that nature is bestowing on all of us. The beauty of flowers, the fullness of the rivers after winter and the buzz of butterflies and moths… We have filled this issue with life, some incredible pictures and lots of booty.

Who does not like booty? Women of my generation spend an inordinate amount of their spare time building a better booty, and there is only a few men in this world who can avoid doing a double take when a woman with a round rump walks by.

Booty is here to stay, it has finally overtaken the american fantasy of big boobs as the primary physical attribute of a desirable female…

And the best part is that its mostly all natural, hard work generated ass that is getting the most accolades and admiration from our male counterparts.

Enjoy the issue and enjoy the booty,


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