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VOLO Magazine 49

By 05/14/2017

Our hottest issue of the year defines 9 shades of eros…

In VOLO 49 May 2017 Issue, At the core of nude art photography lies the attraction that humanity has had for the nude female form, from the very beginning of our history. Erotic art has been incorporated into the architectures of historical buildings through Europe and Asia and the passion ignited by EROS has caused the rise and fall of multiple empires.

And still we run away from it, avoid it, keep it under wraps and vilify it anytime we are challenged with our interest in anything remotely erotic? Why is that one of the core instincts that make us human is also something that we are so afraid to publicly acknowledge, praise and enjoy?

This issue sets out to prove that photographing eros can be beautiful, enchanting and tasteful. Presented in the right ‘light’ we are all beautiful… And the 9 photostories in this issue are a testament to the diversity of erotic photography and talent that is truly worthy of being VOLO.

Let’s take flight…



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