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VOLO Magazine 52

By 08/16/2017

Incredible has many viewpoints

I love creative photography. The independence to shoot in your own style without any pressure to comply to certain defined guidelines often brings the best out of commercial photographers who are used to creating ‘standardized’ content on a regular basis.

Every year our creative issue is a testament to diverse styles of photography and the VOLO#52 2017 issue is one of the best we have put together. I am proud to present our very FIRST INDIAN cover model in this issue.

What makes it even special is that this model is one of the few bold women in India who is ready to shake off the sheets that cover all kinds of sexual expression in India. While our founder is from that country, in 50+ issues we have never had the opportunity to feature a model from India (we have featured a few models of Indian origin in the past) in VOLO. Heena Roy is brave, beautiful and bold and we have a wealth of content from her (starting with this cover set) you will soon see releasing in the VOLO VAULT.

While I love every set in the issue, my personal favorites are the ones by Spanish photographer Eduardo Hernández (Dance Et Tempore), Offir Assayag (The Naked Tree) and Rodio Tyurikov making love to his model with his camera.

Hope you enjoy the issue as much as we love it.

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