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VOLO Magazine 60 (Digital)

By 08/14/2018

VOLO Magazine was created to showcase the goddesses on this planet of ours, in the most beautiful way possible. The 2018 NATURAL BEAUTY ISSUE is a testament to our commitment to showcasing those born perfect beauties amongst us, who don’t need any ‘human corrections’ to be absolutely gorgeous, every moment of their existence.

Led by cover photographer Vassilis Pitoulis, this issue brings to you a collection of incredible images of some of the most beautiful all-natural women from around the world shot without artificial lighting, excessive makeup or any other artificial photographic enhancements. Shot in 5 continents, featuring 21 models shot by 17 photographers, this issue of VOLO is a collectors edition you HAVE TO buy in Print to hold in your hand, admire the talent of some of the most incredible photographers of our time and pass on through the generations as only print enables you to.

We are trying hard to make VOLO Magazine the publication that everyone proudly displays on their bookshelf… Please do write to me and let me know how we are doing.

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