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“Things are represented by the paint. How we deal with them is represented by the models emotion. I feel it belongs in VOLO due to the power of the images in both visual and emotional depth.”

Gunnar Nettleship

Gunnar Nettleship believes the power of the images is in both visual and emotional depth. Becca Briggs is a woman taking on all that life will toss at her.

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Becca Briggs

Model Profile

Becca Briggs is a freelance fashion and art nude model based out of Denver, Colorado. She has been modeling since February 2010. She likes to add a certain artistic twist to her images: a cross between elegance and edginess.

Becca has established a reputation for portraying a variety of posing and emotions in her work to showcase her uniqueness. Her main goal as a model is to create art that people can connect with emotionally and want to see every day.

To see Becca’s modeling portfolio, or to contact her directly, visit her website: www.beccabriggs.com

Gunnar Nettleship

Photographer Profile

“Hello Volo,

My story is a short one… I am Gunnar Nettleship. I was first handed a camera at 16 years old, and I have never really set it down since. I went to college to acquire a degree in the arts and then spent years floundering around trying to shoot subjects that I thought would make me money.

One day I woke up and didn’t want to do that any more, I wanted to be fulfilled by my art, so I came back to what I know and love…Making art with amazing women. Since that day the work that I have created with so many amazing women has grown and developed into images that I am very proud of.”

Gunnar Nettleship

Follow Gunnar Nettleship on Instagram at @gunnarphoto


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