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“This Gorgeous shot was taken at The Volo House featuring Nina Charming shot by Shankha on a unique concept of ‘Playing in his Backyard’.”


This Gorgeous shots was taken at The Volo House featuring Nina Charming shot by Shankha on a unique concept of 'Playing in his Backyard'.
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Nina Charming

Model Profile

Nina Charming was born in Iran and grew up in South Africa. She speaks five languages and has a major humanitarian and rebel streak in her. She joined UNICEF at age of 9 and started campaigning against child labor.

At age 13 she joined the Shakespeare company for acting in Sweden. Over the the next 10 years she traveled around the world for acting and modeling. She has performed in many plays in Europe and California. She performed in France and Sweden in 2009 and 2014 and came to California in 2010 for pursuing higher education and to take her acting skills to USA.

Her mother who is an ardent follower of VOLO magazine from South Africa introduced her to the magazine in 2013 and Nina instantly fell in love with the art portrayed in VOLO.

Nina Charming says: “VOLO magazine is art and I love art. Art can be anything, art cannot be easily judged as good or bad, it is out attitude to make it nice.I love art and I was determined to be pictured in VOLO. So I contacted the magazine through the Facebook page and after 6 months of communication, I got the chance to shoot with the CEO of VOLO, Shankha himself.

She loves the pictures of nude women because she believes the woman is the best form of Art ever. Her passions are traveling and all form of arts.

You can follow her on Instragram at: @ninacharming90


Photographer Profile

The founder, publisher and editor of VOLO Magazine, Shankha is driven by the love of Art. Photography for him is more of a escape from reality and he tends to explore different story situations in his photosets, in place of striving for technical excellence. Shankha has a long history of Fashion Photography and nude photography is relatively new to him, only since he founded VOLO has he taken to shooting more nudes than fashion.

You can follow his work on Instagram at: @thevologuy

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