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“This set was made to showcase raw beauty and nature in a primal way. This was my first time to work with Stevie, and needless to say, we were able to click and create some amazing art! I think this set is very raw, stunning, and VOLO!”

Justin Cummings

This set was made to showcase raw beauty and nature in a primal way. This was Justin Cummings's first time to work with Stevie.
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Model Profile

Stevie is a full time traveling artist. Being an experienced nude model as well as a performance artist, versatile with multiple props and fire spinning, she embraces creative concepts without fear.

Finding inspirations and feeding off her surroundings, she puts everything into her work and strives to create dramatically inspiring imagery.

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Justin Cummings

Photographer Profile

“My name is Justin Cummings, currently residing in Tennessee. considering myself an artist has been a new concept for myself, despite the fact that I’ve always been infatuated with all types of art and involved in classes throughout my childhood into high school.

I’ve never been able to express myself quite like when I can with a camera. paint, pens, clay, stones, nothing could give me the outcome I desired or the emotion I wanted to portray. When I started doing portrait work or concept work, I really began to fall in love with photography.

I could play off of someone elves emotion and create something really beautiful. building relationships with people and then being able to create art with them is an amazing feeling and always pushes me forward.”

Justin Cummings

View an amazing showcase of the artists work at www.volonetwork.com/wall

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