VOLO #11 – Definition of VOLO Issue – Digital Copy

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Issue #11 opens another new chapter at VOLO Magazine. You’ll notice that this issue is beefed up with more great content (our typical issue size in 2013 was about 100 pages), you’ll find more international photographers, some new sections, and of course, a continuation towards an overall raising of the bar of artistic and photographic quality that VOLO readers have come to expect.

Not only is VOLO bigger and better, but it will be coming at you more often. In response to demand for more VOLO, we will now be releasing issues monthly.

Behind the scenes we’ve made some changes as well including designating a few Authorized VOLO Photographers. These shooters all produce top quality images that exemplify the technical skill and artistic vision that makes VOLO a game changer in the industry. You can expect to enjoy gorgeous contributions by Authorized Photographers in every issue.

Finally, please join me in extending a very warm welcome to Ava Pivot who will be Editorial Director for VOLO out of Germany. Ava has contributed her magnificent photography to VOLO previously and we are very excited and fortunate to have her on our team.

We’ve made these adjustments in order to continually evolve and improve VOLO and I expect you will find we’re on the right track. As always I welcome your feedback: reach me at [email protected] and let me know how we’re doing.

Thanks for your continued patronage,

Rich Cirminello (Past Editor in Chief)


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