VOLO #12 – The 2014 Hot Spring Issue – Digital Copy

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The 12th issue of VOLO is special to me for its wide variety.

Herein we have the gorgeous work of familiar VOLO contributors like Art of Dan with his impeccable use of light and shadow, Jacques Rattaz exploration of youth and innocence, and Julia Skalozub who can make an apple orchard seem like the most sensual place in the world. Three different artists with different vision but united in their ability to create compelling compositions albeit through their own unique artistic filters.

Also familiar is the style of VOLO CEO Shankha who captured Becca Goebel out in the road early one morning fro VOLO 12 (Becca first appeared in VOLO #8), and of course my work with the multifaceted Hannah Mae making her VOLO debut which I will leave for you to judge for yourself.

You may recall having seen the provocative work of Ava Pivot, our European Editor, in the pages of VOLO before – and her set in this issue certainly doesn’t disappoint – but what we haven’t seen before is the collection of brilliant photographers whose work that she rounded up. I’ll leave it to Ava to introduced them in her statement a few pages from now, but I will warn you: prepare to be blown away!

Last but not the least, we introduce a young photographer from the United Kingdom, Erin Elizabeth Kelly a.k.a EEK. Her hard hitting, raw and intense images have started to make waves around the world and we thought its about time she appeared on VOLO. Being the #1 Art Magazine in the world we make it our job to bring the best in new talent to our readers. I am sure you will enjoy her set.

As always, I invite you to leave feedback and let me know what you think of VOLO.

Rich Cirminello (Past Editor in Chief)


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