VOLO #13 – The 2014 Body Art Issue – Digital Copy

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This is the 13th issue of VOLO. 13 has always been a lucky number for me, maybe because I am a number 4 (1+3) on the numerology chart, being born on the 4th. #13 is VOLO’s first completely ‘themed’ issue and we decided to take on the very popular yet ever controversial subject of ‘Tattoo Art’.

To be very frank tattoos have never been my thing, and except for the one tattoo on my right bicep done when I was 15, I have never personally ventured into that realm. But my interest in Tattoos goes much further than the beautiful art on skin. My interest has always been sparked by trying to imagine the state of mind and reasons behind the various tattoos that passionate people put on themselves.

VOLO #13 is not just another Tattoo magazine, nor did we make this issue to ‘cash in’ on the popular tattoo trends. We built this issue for the same reason we build VOLO issues every month…to showcase the most beautiful, passionate an powerful women in the whole wide world. This time we bring together some pretty incredible ladies for your viewing and knowing pleasure. All the ladies features in VOLO #13 starting from the pretty incredible Lexy Hell (her first book as author is now available on Amazon.com – details inside) are very special people, who have lived very special lives… and lived it by their own rules. They have adorned their bodues with art the represents the various phases of their life, their dreams, their ambitions and their fears.

We hope you all will enjoy the issue.


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