VOLO #14 – A VOLO Summer Issue – Digital Copy

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Welcome to the 14th issue of VOLO Magazine.

VOLO has been quite a journey for me… really. When I started out I would not have ever imagined that this magazine would bring me so much joy in life, make me so many new friends, introduce me to a level of photography which I did not know existed and in a short span of 14 issues, firmly establish it as THE STANDARD for NUDE ART around the world.

From the beginning VOLO has never been about money for me, it is a labor of love borne out of using my connections in the publishing industry and skills for marketing towards elevating the incredible work of lesser know artists and showcase the work of existing greats, to the population which has been fed the same old boring glamour photography for decades. Two things recently happened that has really given me an incredible sense of pride in our combined achievement.

1. One of the legendary adult magazines in the world released their first ‘Nude Art’ Issue… a 64 page calamity that underlines in bold the lack of taste in the market.

2. I had a conversation with a very influential connoisseur of nude art based out of New York and his words ‘You are doing it right!’ made my heart swell up in pride.

Every page of VOLO 14 makes sure that we stand up to this standard of ‘Creating Incredible… Everyday!’, that we have set for ourselves. Nothing less would be good enough!

Enjoy the issue and make sure you leave a note of congratulations on the social networks of the artists who make VOLO great!


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