VOLO #15 – 2014 Wet & Wild Issue – Digital Copy

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Welcome to the 15th issue of VOLO Magazine.

You may have seen the words ‘Creating Incredible… Everyday!’

incscribed at the bottom of images posted by the VOLO team on social networks. It’s a catchy phrase, sounds nice etc… but at VOLO Magazine we live everyday trying to stay true to that phrase. Nothing less than incredible is good enough for VOLO and this issue of VOLO underlines that fact to the ‘t’.

In my journey as publisher of VOLO, I have met many amazing photographers, but VOLO has the distinction of not only publishing amazing work, but also of insipiring, guiding and elevating the work of many of these photographers along the way. I have recieved complaints about our hard quality restrictions, I have had people saying that we act like we are better than Playboy :), but guys and gals, we are NOT Playboy, Penthouse or Maxim… We are VOLO! We don’t want to compare ourselves with any of these legendary publications because there is no comparison… We are a genre on our own where Art defines the direction, not a model or a photographer.

In the coming months, you will see VOLO Magazine change into a magazine which not only publishes incredible art, but also defines and disseminates what we believe in… The VOLO way of life!

Live free and enjoy every moment you get to breathe in this beautiful world of ours, don’t hurt anyone intentionally but don’t hold back any of your desires due to peer, family or social pressures.



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