VOLO #16 – The Demigod Issue – Interactive Digital Copy

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Welcome to the 16th issue of VOLO Magazine.

Some incredible news, addition of new columns and the grand master of nude photography featured in the issue, make us incredibly proud of this issue.

His images tell us stories, fables and fairy tales, he defines a genre which defines nude photography, his women are charmed and look like queen in a way only a god can transform them… His name is Andrew Lucas. In simple words. his work is ART. He is our cover and feature photographer for this issue and we are so proud to present him to the world!

But wait, the good news does not end there, VOLO is launching workshops; we want to bring the incredible art of VOLO photographers and that level of skill to many more photographers in the world. And to do that, we have enlisted none other than Stephan Glathe, one of Germany’s finest photographers and a VOLO master. Learn more about Stephan and the unique VOLO workshops in our interview with him.

Berlin is a big part of this issue of VOLO, we take you to visit the flagship store of the erotic couture brand ‘Schwarzer Reiter’ and an insight into their design through their head designer; Edin DéSosa. An exclusive shoot over the rooftops of Berlin, confirms that VOLO can discover the hottest and the best VOLO ladies around the world.

It was shot by the multi-talented actor, designer and now photographer Murat Karabey in his first nude assignment. The output is so amazing that it adorns our back cover.

Our topic for this issue was girlfriends, so you will see a collection of models who have NEVER BEEN NUDE BEFORE. Its an issue of VOLO you cannot miss.

Photographers, do you think you have what it takes to be in VOLO? Well send us your work and we will let you know what WE think… We will publish the best and help the rest to get better so you can be in VOLO too. Submission details are on our website www.volomagazine.com.

Questions, comments, critique? send me an email.

Greetings from Berlin,

Ava Pivot
Managing Editor –  Europe


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