VOLO #20 – The 2014 World Art Issue – Interactive Digital Copy

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There are so many special things about Issue 20… It signifies the end of two full years of publication for VOLO Magazine, and the first year of being a monthly publication. But apart from these sentimental milestones, issue 20 diginifies itself with a very diverse group of artists creating photographic art of many different styles.

Iran has always been the country which is identified with radical restrictions on women’s (among other things) freedom of dressing. VOLO 20 features our first Persian born model, someone who was born a rebel, joined UNICEF at 9 years of age and travelled the world in search of artistic excellence. Be sure to check out the set of Nina Charming on page 126 where she turns into a fearless tigress screaming ‘Repeat After Me, I am Free!’

Artists from 10 countries feature their work in this issue of VOLO. Its an unprecedented coverage of the world of photographic nude art and mark my words, each set competes to be the best.

I am proud to be able to present Hannes Caspar, one of Europe’s premier celebrity and portrait photographers as the featured artist of this issue. Hannes defys the ease of digital photography and shoots quite a lot of his nude artistic work on analog film, to create the old-world effect and pure photographic experience that only film can produce.

Many photographers reach out to VOLO on a daily basis, asking to be included in the magazine, for them I have a message. VOLO is all inclusive. If you are amazing, you art will be in the magazine, and if you are not, we will help you get to the point where you are good enough… But we do not have time for ‘so called masters’ of the craft who ‘already know everything’. VOLO Magazine is built on the foundation of quality and edginess that can be defined only by the term VOLO and the determination of whether your work is VOLO or not is completely upto the editorial team at VOLO Magazine. There is no use trying to coerce, blackmail or force us to include your work. You may be incredible among your peers, but your work needs to measure up to our standards… and as we said, for the one’s who want to learn we will help get you there.

Enjoy the issue.


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