VOLO #22 – February 2015 - Cover Page

VOLO #22 – February 2015 – The ‘Hot Moms’ Issue

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When we use the term VOLO, we define freedom of action, freedom from false pretenses and the independence to express yourself in the most animalistic yet beautiful way possible. Don’t be a slave to peer approval or the norms of society, but don’t break laws either…This is the principle behind the brand we have built into the worlds premiere nude-art publication and our cover for this issue is a woman who exemplifies all-things-VOLO.

I am proud to present an ethereal beauty, a mother, a wife and one of Hungary’s most prolific models; Barbara Bocsi on the cover of VOLO 22. Featured in a set by Peter Marosi, her husband and the father of her two kids, Barbara shows us that becoming a wife and a mother does not define the loss of incredible sexual energy and presence for a woman. Nor does it mean the loss of physical beauty and shape. 

Following in her footsteps is American goddess Becca Goebel. Featured in the first ever maternity nude art shoot in VOLO, Becca shows off the incredible glow emanating from her in her 8th month of pregnancy… A glow that accentuates her sexual energy and power and makes body as desirable, if not more from her pre-pregnancy days. 

Our featured photographer for this issue is none other than the great Dan Hecho from Ukraine, one of the great curators of incredible imagery with a distinct stamp. Dan has been one of the leading figures in Ukranian photography for a long time but this is the first time his work is getting exposed to a worldwide audience. 

And that is just the tip of the iceberg folks, we have made this issue of VOLO another one of those collectors editions that you should also make sure to get a print copy of. You can order those from our website www.volomagazine.com 

Enjoy the issue and please write back to me with your suggestions and critique… That is the only way we will stay at the top and keep on getting better!



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