VOLO #23 – March 2015 - Cover Page

VOLO #23 – March 2015 – Infinite Gorgeousness Issue

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We try, we really try hard… to make every issue of VOLO, a collectors item to be collected and stored forever. It’s pretty amazing that we have been able to publish a monthly magazine with over 100 pages (this one is 144 pages) while keeping the quality of content as high as in VOLO Magazine. 

We try, and most of the times we succeed to create masterly issues… But we NEED YOUR HELP. We need to expand the reach of VOLO far past the numbers we have and we need you, our readers and subscribers, to spread the VOLO name far and wide. Help us continue to create incredible art and showcase photographers and models who have so far not been discovered. It’s a lot of work and we need your help to keep on growing and make sure that this magazine maintains it standard. 

Now lets talk about VOLO #23!! If you noticed, the cover is completely black and white… The incredibly powerful image of Oksana Doroshko was something that we could not bring us to overshadow by using any kind of highlighting that would draw people away from her. This model is the mother of two children and one of the most naturally beautiful women in the world today. Shot by the amazing Tanya Tess (a model herself) this picture set represents VOLO in a way that cannot be described… Only experienced! 

This issue is filled with great content, 18 amazing models posed for pictures wth 8 great photographers, including 3 photographers never before seen in VOLO land. Leading the pack of newcomers is our featured photographer, Randall Hobbett. I got introduced to his work through Shantia Veney about a year ago…and I am proud to present his work in this issue. Brian Cettelle (Project Bare) and Don Conrad bring their ART to VOLO in this issue and join the prestigious ranks of the best photographic artists in the world. 

Hope you guys will enjoy viewing this issue, as much as we enjoyed creating it.



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