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VOLO #26 – Annual Inked Angels Issue

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Welcome to our 2nd Annual Inked Art (Angels) Issue. This is the second year that this special issue has found itself in our lineup and going forward you will find every June Issue of VOLO focused on the art of ink on skin.

This issue represents a special challenge for us… Specially because the world of inked modeling is very glamour oriented and VOLO is all about the art of photography. Our ‘Inked Angels’ issue, though featuring models with incredible tattoos still focuses on the photography and the model rather than the actual tattoos. We are not trying to compete or replace any of the major tattoo magazines as our inked issue is totally different from all these publications.

For this issue we managed to rope in one of America’s premiere tattoo photographers, the illustrious Keith Selle. Keith boasts of over 100 magazine covers within just the tattoo focused magazine industry. We discussed the differences of what VOLO represents, away from his regular style of shooting and Keith pulled out a set, any photographer in this world will be proud of. Excellence of execution is always Keiths forte and this cover set for VOLO is one of his best works ever! We have a formidable lineup of inked models in this issue folks, and they have been captured in VOLO style by some of the most accomplished photographers in the world… As a result this issue has grown to a mammoth 160 page book of art.



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