VOLO 3 - Curves of a Woman

VOLO #3 – Queen of Hearts Issue

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This is one of the first properly published issues of VOLO Magazine. The issue came out in July 2012 and was the first commercially available copy of the magazine.

VOLO Issue #3 is the perfect intersection of Art, Glamour and Sex. Blow your mind with hot pictures and videos that have been shot in the style of Hi-Fashion editorials, but provide the spice and glamour of an eye candy spread. Want to see beautiful supermodels take it to the next level, want to be informed about the edgiest and most liberated fashion shoots in the world (read nude), you have come to the right place. If it is fashionable, sexy, en-vogue and crazy enough, it’s in VOLO.

Enjoy 9 Eye popping fashion-adult editorials which transcend the borders of fashion and art to create images which are scintillating, fashionable, interesting and pure pleasure to the senses.



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