VOLO #32 - December 2015 - Cover page

VOLO #32 – December 2015 – The True Artists Issue

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Happy Holidays Everyone,

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to VOLO 32.

Most of the times companies wait for the new year to make major changes, but here at VOLO we really don’t follow any norms do we? Of course not! It’s my pleasure to welcome to you a brand new website where you may be reading this magazine (if not on Zinio). The new VOLODaily.com has a lot of cool features but none better than the dissapearence of the ‘DREADED’ secondary login to read magazine issues. We also break our ties with the 3D Issue magazine readers from this issue featuring a new HTML5 Interface completely integrated with the site.

Releasing first on this new and improved platform is a completely re-designed and by far our BEST ISSUE of 2015. VOLO 32 – The True Artists issue is a collection of images created by some of the most passionate of artists in the VOLO universe. These are individuals, both models and photographers who go above and beyond to take time out to create the outstanding. Whether it is engineer turned artist Charles Lucima or the living legend Jeremy Gibbs, the master from Australia Cam Attree or the genius from Barcelona Sagar Manjarres… The one thread that ties these artists together is the inherent passion they bring to their photography. Models like Romi Muse, Miss Miranda, Chanon Finley, Dasha, Agni and Miki – go through unthinkable odds, weather and dangerous situations to create effortless poses in incredible locations. These artists go through hell and high water to create images that make them stand apart and all they want in return is appreciation…

Appreciation that only YOU can provide. So lets start with a round of thundering applause to the true artists in this issue and the others out there who we promise to discover and showcase for you.