VOLO #4 – Digital Copy

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I love beautiful photography and I love beautiful women. Each powerful in their own right, it is my belief that when the two are brought together by passionate artists, truly magical things can happen. This is why I am both honored and excited to be the new Editor in Chief of VOLO Magazine.

While the first three issues did a great job of laying a foundation and introducing VOLO to the world and the world to VOLO, in this the fourth issue (my first as EIC), we dug a little deeper and pushed a little harder to bring you a little more of that magic than before. You’ll notice in this issue more contributions from outside artists, one as far away as Australia. We’ve also focused on cleaner layouts and presentations, so as not to interfere with your enjoyment of each series.

I’d like to thank Shankha Goswami for having the vision to create VOLO and the faith to bring me on board in such a high impact role. I’d also like to acknowledge contributors, all of those who submitted work the photographers and models who shared their passion with us. Please take the time to read the credits and visit their respective websites and portfolios.

I am proud of this issue and hope you enjoy it at least half as much as I did working on it.

Love something? Hate something? My inbox is open.

Your feedback will help us make VOLO even better together.

Rich Cirminello
(Former) Editor in Chief



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