VOLO #43 – November 2016 – THE ‘PURPLE-HOT’ ISSUE

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While the rest of the magazines in the world are busy shooting holiday and winter themes, we at VOLO in our own rebellious way… Decided to go the other way. We are all cold and damp this season, so why extend the gloom? Wouldn’t it be better to cheer up the mood and heat up the atmosphere with an issue that melts the hardest of snowflakes in seconds!

Welcome to VOLO 43, the first VOLO EROS issues of its kind. Going forward the ‘Eros’ tag on the VOLO logo will represent a more erotic themes in issues it’s marked with. Don’t worry, we are not changing our direction and becoming more of the same as with all the other nude magazines in the world, this is still a VOLO issues and every page is filled with incredible photography and excellence in execution of the concept and the genre the photographer aimed for.

A note to our contributing photographers. We know that VOLO has become incredibly selective in the content that goes into our Print editions, and that is because the world is demanding a higher level of excellence from us all the time. But the world of VOLO has expanded, with over 400,000 followers on Instagram and over

1.7 Million pageviews of our sites last month, there is no better outlet to showcase your nude photography. The submissions that are showcased in the VOLO VAULT recieve a much higher number of eyeballs than the ones in the pages of the magazine, and that is why we are also publishing magazine sets on to the VOLO VAULT.

VOLOVAULT is going to become the primary destination for quality nude photography in the world in just a few months, so go claim your spot.

Enjoy the issue,