VOLO 50 June 2017 Issue

VOLO #50– June 2017 – BODY ART ISSUE

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Our Golden Jubilee *50th* issue showcasing those who use their body as a canvas of emotions…

VOLO 50 June 2017 Issue is the golden jubilee issue of VOLO Magazine… And of course it’s only fitting that the original VOLO Vixen Esha is featured on the cover shot by none other than our founder and president Shankha.

50 issues is a lot of history, history that has created it’s undeniable impact on the world of nude art. When Instagram deleted our account @volomagazine we truly understood our presence with the massive outreach from fans from all over asking for where to follow VOLO. You can follow us on @voloart and @vologlam going forward.

With the 50th issue we also launch the VOLO Network formally. The worlds best nude artists can create their portfolios on VOLO Network, connect with each other AND post jobs and opportunities to work together to create incredible nude art.

With our 50th issue and the VOLO Network we feel that we have finally circled off the creation of the worlds most valuable nude art community.

Come fly with me…