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VOLO #55 – November 2017 – SOFT & WILD ISSUE

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Welcome to the VOLO 55 November 2017 Soft and Wild issue VOLO Patrons. This issue is all about the feminine side of beauty, showcased sometimes in its sensual softness inside the comfort of luxurious homes… And sometimes in outdoor in the form of daughters of Eve free and naked in the lap of mother nature.

We start the issue with a cover which is a deviation from our standard. We showcase a glamour model Flower Bomb shot by Adrian King. While this set may not follow the regular VOLO tradition of natural light and subtle story lines, it does characterize a strength we thought was appropriate to showcase in the new age of empowerment American women are currently experiencing.

8 more sets follow this pretty incredible cover in an issue which is certainly going to add value to your magazine rack for years to come. This one is one to surely buy a print copy of.

If there is anything that characterizes this issue, it’s the sheer understated sexual presence of the incredible beauties featured on every page. The dawn of the age of women is here… Men beware!

Enjoy the issue.