The 2018 Fashion & Glam issue

VOLO #57 – February 2018 – THE 2018 FASHION AND GLAM ISSUE

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2018 ushers in a new chapter for VOLO. Starting this year VOLO magazine changes it’s publishing a calendar to 6 issues each year. These 6 issues will represent a collection of the very best in nude photography from the world of VOLO for their particular theme.

The first in this series of themed issues is the 2018 VOLO Magazine ‘Fashion & Glam’ issue. Focused on fashionable nude photography, this 300+ pages issue is a true collectable piece to adorn your coffee table and bookshelves and something you can proudly pass on to your children as a testament of photographic art from the era.

Enjoy the issue and do write to me with your critique, comments and suggestions.

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