Nature Issue

VOLO #58 – April 2018 – THE 2018 NUDE IN NATURE ISSUE

$ 19.99

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Do you like collecting art? Well, then this is an issue you have to have on your bookshelf (or coffee table). Taking our time to make issues and making them bigger (16 sets in each book in place of 8) is truly helping us UP the quality of content in each print copy of VOLO and makes it much more valuable for you to buy as a collectors item for your collection.

I am personally proud of ‘The 2018 Nude in Nature Issue’. Every set has been handpicked and selected among literally hundreds submitted to us for review. To all those photographers who did not make it into the issue… We love your work too and my advice is to take inspiration from the perfection of natural moments captured in this book to polish those missing pieces in your work.

Another bit of news… VOLO is now properly relocated to LA, so if you are in LA reach out and let’s rock together.

Thank You,