VOLO #61 – October 2018 – THE 2018 EROTIC ISSUE

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Eros, a difficult subject to mention! Even in the year 2018, we as humans have not come to terms with one of our most basic instincts and driving factors. Love is everywhere, and so is Eros, but while one is mentioned with the loudest of voices, the other is hidden under the sheets and behind closed curtains.

At VOLO Magazine we have always believed in freeing the human form and our minds from the bondage of social norm, and that is why every year we release an ‘EROTIC ISSUE’… Yes, it’s still art, it’s still incredible photography, and it even features the most naturally beautiful women in the whole wide world. But this particular issue showcases some of those moments in which our true sexual self is projected a little stronger than others.

Ready to enjoy an incredible ride? This issue is the art of eros, and it’s nothing like ‘those’ videos you spend a lot of time peering at… LoL.

Enjoy the issue